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Tips for growing your Marijuana Plant


During the next few weeks, your Cannabis Plant will steadily grow, remind to adjust
the size of your Flowerpot to the Size of your Plant. As a rule of thumb, your Flowerpot
needs to be at least as big in height as your plant is in width.


Also, if you are growing Indoors and your Plant is getting to large for your Grow box you
can always cut of the top branch, also called >>Kola<< of the Plant. Cutting of the >>Kola<< will
result in your plant splitting of into two branches at the place you cut it. This is both
good and bad. It is good as the plant will now get sturdier and produce more Cannabis Buds,
but it is bad as the buds it produces will be a little smaller than the ones from a plant
which hasn't been cut. In the End it's a matter of personal style, some like to cut their
plants to make them into little bushes, others like large Plants.


A Plant with a divided main Bud



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