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How secure is it to order Cannabis Seeds?


From experience i can say, that it's really safe to order Hemp Seeds on the Internet, because the seeds are shipped in a neutral brown envelope with a unsuspicious looking sender.

Also Packages with seeds can't be found by sniffer dogs, because hemp seed is smelling just like any other plant seed and doesn’t contain THC, so legally it also is NOT a Drug.


Which Seeds should i buy? Are there a lot of Differences?


Well, it depends on the way you want to grow your tasty weed, If you're looking to grow Indoors you should go with an Indica strain, since these don't grow too high and will still fit in your Growbox.

If you're growing Outdoors you can plant Sativas as well as Indicas.

A good Strain to grow outdoors is "Silver Haze #9", a good strain to grow outdoors is "Big Bud" feminised.


What's the difference between feminised and regular seeds?


Hemp grows in two varieties, either as a female plant or as a male plant. Only the female plant produces Cannabis which you can smoke, the male plants produce pollen which don't contain any thc.

If you want good results from your grow you should always go for the female or feminised version of the seeds which go through a special process to only grow into female plants.

If you buy regular seeds you will get about 7 male plants and only 3 female plants out of 10 seeds on average. Feminised seeds are a bit pricier but believe me,
they are totally worth the money in the long run.

I would recommend the following two seed shops which i have ordered from many times before and which are very reliable and deliver great quality:


Sensi Seeds:

Sensi Seeds is considered to be one of the absolute best seedbanks in the world and has a tradition of over 20 Years now in delivering top quality cannabis seeds.
They have won several of the highly acclaimed Cannabis Cups.



WeedSeedShop is also a very reliable Company which sells good seeds at an even better price. If you want good value for your money than WSS is for you.

I hope i could help you with your choice of seeds =)



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