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Harvesting and drying your Cannabis


As soon as the little white hair on your Cannabis Buds have changed their color to a brownish tone,
which usually happens after about 90 days, you're plant is ready to be harvested.


The first step of harvesting bud is to cut whole branches from your plant. Then you should start cutting off leaves which don't contain any resin (the white and sticky stuff which is loaded with all the THC).

You should even cut off the smallest leaves because the less unneeded material is in your weed, the better it will taste.


Nice Bud, huh?


Next you can start to dry your bud. There are several ways to do this, you could just lay them on some newspapers and turn them every few days.


If you want to do it a more professional way then you should pin them to a clothesline with some clothespins so that they hang down with their heads showing downwards.

The Room where you dry your Hemp should be dark and neither too humid nor too dry. Usually Cellars or attics will do fine.

Your Bud is dry enough when you can bend it's branches without cracking them. Now you can put your weed into zip lock bags, they still need a couple of day inside the bags to be good for smoking.

Don't forget to open the bags for a while every day to eliminate the risk of mold. If you follow these rules you should be able to grow some tasty and spicy weed effortlessly.

Best of Luck!



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